Here is what other students had to say about their experience learning with me:

“I have been learning English with Jessica for one year and half. It’s important for me to keep in touch with English once a week, even when I don’t have the time. My experience is very rewarding. My oral expression has improved and little by little I’m digesting the grammar! Don’t hesitate, even if you don’t have a lot of time, it’s good to be in a process.” – Amélie

“I started taking lessons with Jessica because I was not comfortable enough to speak in English: I couldn’t express myself fluently and spontaneously without searching for words and having a simple conversation was really stressful. Jessica was very patient with me, and lessons with her are a real pleasure with a lot of goodwill. After few weeks, I was already more confident. But I really took notice of my progress last week at a party : there was one English-speaking guest so everybody started to speak in English too. I surprised myself as it was really easy for me. I spoke in English all night, I understood everything, I wasn’t afraid to talk and I could even make some jokes ! I was very proud of myself ! I really must thank Jessica for this new strong confidence” – Laurence

“After failing at a job interview a year ago, I decided to improve my English. Since then, I’ve been using English in my new job without any worries. My level of English has increased thanks to Jessica’s classes. Her way of teaching English is just fantastic, with joy and and in a good atmosphere! I highly recommend her! Thank you Jess” – Angélique

“It was a real pleasure to have an English teacher like Jessica. She’s patient and meets your needs. She understands your priorities, and always teaches with a big smile ^^ ! Definitely a beautiful person” – Karim